Looking For A Versatile Vocalist And Bassist For A Kolkata Based English Rock Band...

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  1. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    We are lookling for a Bassist and a versatile vocalist for a KOLKATA BASED ENGLISH ROCK BAND.......we do both original compositions and covers.......and we are basically into 70,80,90's Rock and metal......the vocalist should be able to sing stuff like Metallica,Pantera,ACDC,Deep Purple,Pink Floyd,Guns N Roses,Europe,Megadeth,Iron Maiden etc.....we presently are 3 members 2 guitarists and a great drummer......now want to make it a 5 member band.....we are looking forward to compete in all the national level rock competitions like the CAMPUS ROCK IDOLS,LEVIS GREAT INDIAN ROCK,CHANNEL V LAUNCHPAD,CASTROL GARAGE ROCK and many more in 2007......we also need a good bassist......so any vocalist,bassist who are interested in joining us......please PM me AND I will let u know....and for any queries please feel free to contact us......via email and pm...we immediately need you in our band...............TATAI.....KOLKATA....

    I Also need a 2nd hand BOSS GT-6/GT-8/LINE6 POD XT LIVE in good condition...plz pm me or mail me if anyone of you are interested to sell....
  2. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Is using branded gear a necessary requirement of a good musician??:think:

    I don't think so.:annoyed:
  3. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    Is using branded gear a necessary requirement of a good musician??

    I don't think so.
    Bassist of Protisruti

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    yah definitely,initially when one starts playing one may not use but later in national level rock shows it counts a lot...good amp,cabinets like mesa boogie, bogner,marshall valvestate series,our drummer has 2 drumsets one is a TAMA Swingstar Pro with Zildzian hardware....sound of a tama is definitely different.....and by the way we have our band's bassist Kevin whos uncle is SONAM SHERPA (THE LEAD GUITARIST OF PARIKRAMA)..he has gone to Goa for an educational course...n will b comin back within one yr to continue with us.....his idol is billy sheenan(the world's best rock bassist)(STEVE VAI) ....he has told for the time being to take a bassist.....
  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    That mean, if you use branded gears, you will be a great musician. :) :RollLol:

    I am thinking to have a Tama Drum set. I wanna be a drummer also :p:

    Just jokin' man....

    NEwayz... I wish i cud play bass a little bit better :cry1: I can not do that for you.
    But, atleast (I think) I can sing.. :). I currently prefer mainly bengali songs and a littlebit of Hindi and english (Kya karu, Man se bangalee hu na! :p:)
    (But, as you know, time changes everyone)
    here is a cover i posted in IGT a week earlier

    lookin' forward to ur answer.

    Am not i getting greedy day by day?? :think: :grin:
  5. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    This is really ridiculous. I admit I myself have bought a Yamaha bass and 708II Zoom bass processor, but there was a time when my only gear was a locaL made low quality. And I have won a lot of accolades using that piece of shit. Ask Sayan and Saptashaw for reference. It does matter what gear you are playing, but it is far far importantr to see who is playing.
  6. hacker_x

    hacker_x New Member


    .....this is very dull statement SHAD, plz don mind...:shock: ..one who can play in an givson bass , can also play good in ibanez.....playing good n execution of sound aint the same thing......most of the pple use renouned kits for their own favour ( make them easy to play )........or for show off....u have excellent gears.....but i bet u still get ur sound monitored by the sound technician b4 a show..:think: ...even a full drum set costing only 3000 bucks can sound like TAMA, IF MONITORED....good instruments don make good musicians, good musicians make instruments' good or famous.:rock: ......

    .........neways we going off topic, best of luck for ur band.....search for real musicians....LET UR MUSIC TALK, NOT UR INSTRUMENT LABEL OR FAMILY BACKGROUND....

    ....keep rocking :beer:

    :rock: LONG LIVE BANGLA ROCK:rock:
  7. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    i agree with u that playing is more important....but a good gear also helps you in certain ways...provides u with an added advantage...for ex...an ibanez or yamaha or a steinberger bass with dimarzio turbo bass pickups really gives u da advantage...but i certainly agree with u all about da playing part.......
  8. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Well no. The only advantages my bass gives me is that my fingers don't hurt as much as it used to playing my local bass, and my pride gets a boost.

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    nah..........shad, i mean tatai used tht word for nother reason.

    person who uses braded stuff, is normally, we think ,IS a good musician, koz , only a good musician is able to invest such money and buy branded stuff. if he is doing so, then u hav to tak it this way that, he is enthusiastic bout music , and certainly plays better, like we know, tht if he reads shakespear rather than tintin, than his englih is good or somthni like tht.

    ( jodio, ajkal poisa wala parents der chele ra, branded gear ei bajay, like amra jekhane gtr bajate suru kori 800-1200 takar acoustic e , sekane use kore ibanez and pod xt live:p:)

    he wrote it to show others tht his bands muusicians ar good, coz they play and deserve branded stuff.

    eta toh bolte pare na, je" mama amra darrrun bajai, and amader amader level er lok chai"

    bolle tomra bolbe prove it.:p:
    tai boleche. take it easy guys....lets hope he finds bassists and vocalists.
  10. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    yes absolutely right,lefty has understood my point properly,lefty thank you for your good wishes...thank you for your support Anirban.........
  11. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Isn't this thread going toooo much offtopic??
  12. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Lefty bhul boleni, tobe from next time don't make such comments. Aami emon high quality musician chini jara khub bhalo bajieo branded jinish kinte pare na, local instrument diye bajai. Tader ke bajie income kore barir lokeder pet bhorate hoy, aamader moto bap mar poisa diye jinish kene na.
  13. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    we have got a very good and an experienced vocalist from sikkim...now all we need is a good bassist.......

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