Looking for a Bassist near R T Nagar... Bangalore

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by Arindam Dey, May 25, 2012.

  1. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    After a tiring workaholic week... Feels like being into music in the weekend. We are newbies in music,, trying to explore more.
    Me(on Guitars) and my friend Atanu(on Drums) meets almost every weekend and try out playing something original (Hindi, Bengali and Assamese songs with a metal touch..."see note"),,, but remind you we are new... So anyone interested to support us and having the same passion in music as we do...please leave a message... Would love to have you with us and complete the band... The name is still to be decided.. We thought to decide it after the formation... Looking forward for your support...

    Arindam and Atanu :)

    Note : It's not necessary to know the language to be in music..Music has its own language...
  2. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    I see so many views but no replies... C'mon people and musicians... We need your support... It's not like that you have to be a bassist to reply to this thread... We would love to hear from you...Its all about music.. May be you all can suggest us something about how to go with this concept of making new music...May be we can have you with us for some jamming sessions and gain knowledge... I am expecting a lot of support from you people out there...

    Thanks in advance.

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