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  1. crazy_keys

    crazy_keys New Member

    hi all....
    ektu problem-a porechhi.....will be glad if u help us out:help: !!
    amader purono band-ta aabar reunite korechhe:beer: ..we started off as a school band...but now schools over....and this time we r plannin to take music quite seriously....but we r lackin a drummer becaz amader old drummer is leavin kolkata....by the way,original members der modhye sudhu ami aar amader ekjon guitarist achhi....so we r forming an entirely new line up....its almost totally different from our school line up....we r hookin up with another guitarist who is our original guitarist's friend and an awesome six-stringer and he knows a bassist too!!!.........but we r lackin a drummer....we urgently need one...jamming-a drummer-er obhab-ta khub bojha jae....amader koyekta original songs-o achhe...english as well as bengali...we do covers as well....we like to do all types of songs....rangin from blues to rock to heavy metal....
    will be glad if any of u can help.....

    pujo-te koyekta show-er kotha cholche....drummer chhara kichui hobe na...

    so pleaeaease help:help:
  2. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Best upai hochhe Braganza te giye oder bulletin board e ekta add de. Okhane soye soye drummer aase.
  3. skorpion

    skorpion b@cKbEncHeR

    i also need a drummer for my band ......... kintu bangalore'e bangali drummer pawa jaachhe naa ... jaani khub mushkil tao request korchhi jodi toder keu chena shona blore'e thaake ... prochur reps debo :)
  4. mka

    mka New Member

    im a drummer

    im a drummer buh too bad im frm canada
  5. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^^OK, play in Yahoo messenger then :p:
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