lookin 4 a synth guru!!!!

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  1. crazy_keys

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    guys...i need ur valuable opinions once again....:help:
    i wanna take formal trainig in keyboards but cant decide whom should i approach!!!:eek::
    aami abt 3 years keyboards bajachhi...6 months moto formal training niyechhilam ek kaka'r kachhe but tarpor theke nijei shikhchhi...ei 2.5 years self teaching-er madhyom-e onektai shikhechhi....ami ekta shokher band-eo achhi...nitantoi chhoto band....we jus make muzic for the love of it!!!:rock:

    bt ekhon amar mone hoy je pashe kauke ekta pele bhalo hoy...kichhu kichhu fingering pattern ami je kori im not sure wether im doin them right or not...tachhara formal grammartao aami aaro bhalo kore shikhte chai....aami tar jonno emon ekjon teacher khujchhi je young...orthat amader generation-err...taste-o amader moto....

    i was thinkin of goin to butida.:cool: ..o shekhae jani....or number o achhe amar kachhe:tele: ....

    i wanna ask u guys am i makin the right decision?:think: ??butida ??:rock:
    aaro kichhu suggetions pele bhalo hoy....i want ur open opinion!!!:beer:

    rock on....................

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    ham from bands i suggest buti da.
  3. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Buti is not a bad idea, but if you wan't to learn real good stuff learn from a classical pianist. Classical piano is the best form of playing keys, as it concentrates on use of both hands. Sorry I cannot provide you with any info on good keys teacher. Me and Sayan once saw an incredible classical pianist playing in a music shop, but I am afraid we forgot to get his number.
  4. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    i must say that learning classical piano will be the best thing as later you wont be restricted in a particular genre if u play classical from the beginning. i suggest calcutta school of music, or go to sam engineer. :) he;s the best.

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