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    I have to see so much pain it makes me wonder why I should live to see.
    I don%u2019t want to breathe any longer as I see alot of sadness and tears ahead of me

    It hurts so much to see a loved one suffer
    I can%u2019t be stronger and tougher

    It agonizes me so much to see a loved one die
    I cannot handle it, I cannot lie

    It torments me to think that one day in this world I may be all alone
    I cannot fathom of living without my family and will I just live on my own

    I am helplessly looking to cure my grief, my pain....everything negative I feel
    The only remedy I am told for my woes is time ......only time will heal

    What will time do?

    Time makes the memories of lost loved ones fade
    Time wipes all the promises that were made
    Time numbs the pain but the wound stays for keeps
    Time dries the tears on face but the heart still weeps
    Time forces us to forget the anguish and sorrow
    Time lends us a few smiles but the grief it forgets to borrow
    Time makes nothing right; it makes the wrong a little less wrong
    Time doesn%u2019t shorten the pain; it makes the suffering a little more long

    The future as I see it holds more misery than hope
    Life to me is like a downhill slope
    With every passing year, with every passing season
    I don%u2019t see a point in living, I just see no reason

    Hmmm..I am not immortal; one day even I have to die
    Then why worry about it during this time I meant to stay alive
    I will live each day as it were my last
    I will dance each day as if life were a big party and one big blast
    I will sing each day, everyday sing my last song
    I will smile each day, each day I will laugh along
    I will express each day my love to all I love
    I will fulfill all my dreams and wishes before I get a summon from above
    I will do everything I can do to survive
    So that when I die my last words will be %u201CI lived a good life"

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