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    Was any one at Livewire yesterday night? I was there and it was one hell of a concert. I had to stand in line for nearly an hour and a half to get in though... missed out on HFC. I came in when sceptre was playing.... wasn't very good, only some of the metallica covers rocked. Next came Vayu, and man did they ROCK the house. They started off with Pink Floyd(another brick in the wall), went on to Led Zep(Black dog), played another Pink Floyd(comfortably numb) and ended the show with Smoke on the Water :rock: :rock: ... the crowd simply went crazy with the starting riff of the song... I also managed to get my spectacles moshed to pieces ( my parents are really mad at me for that...).

    Bhayanak Maut won the Livewire contest.

    man... I got a bad neck ache from all that headbangin... so was anyone else there?

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