Little Things

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    No explanation needed...though I may add that although it looks like a questionnaire, its actually an assertion. ;)

    Have you ever thought of the little things,
    the little things that make your life worthwhile?
    Have you ever wondered what they comprise,
    Do you stand still, think and compare?

    Do you imagine when they are gone,
    and you're standing all alone,
    with heaviness in your head,
    and sadness in their stead?

    No, 'cause little things,
    they come in small packages,
    and you walk with them unaware,
    and feel like the road should never end.
    They form the drops that fill the rain,
    and flow with the oceans to rise again.

    So the next time try to catch a moment,
    as time stands still, they'll pass you by.
    The little things that you neglected,
    The little things that made your life worthwhile.
  2. soo true

    Personally to me the small things don't matter anymore :(...

    so i can relate to what u r saying
  3. horsesmouth

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    ...which is why the last paragraph... :p
    thanks btw!

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