Linkin Park - Splitting The DNA

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Redalert, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Redalert

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    Linkin Park - Splitting The DNA

    Anybody know about this, there are 2 cds in circulation on the internet. Many ppl think its fake but from what i can gather Splitting The DNA is a bootleg of a bunch of old songs linkin park did when they used to be called "Hybrid

    They changed their name to Linkin Park because Hybrid Theory conflicted with other musical artists. It has a bunch of older songs they did way back when, a few demos they gave to recording labels, and live performances... the 2nd CD of Splitting DNA is all of "Grey Daze," the band Chester was in before he joined
    Linkin Park.
  2. esgallindeion

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    Linkin Park is not one of the bands whose careers I follow with even a mediocre amount of interest.
  3. HellRazor

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    Kool, are they any good?
  4. dlogic

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    nice info there
  5. ssslayer

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    abay dlogic,
    u digging up past records huh? ...
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    lord will reply soon..

    Stop Bumping old threads..

    *thread Closed*

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    is that illegal @ IGT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
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    dunno...but he mny times closed unwanted ol' threads....i dnt think he'll close dis one coz its music discussion nd not ne old cappy thread...
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    yeah ... lemme also contribute to keep this thread alive n kickin' ...

    heo hahaaa
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    if you really wanna contribute dig lots of old threads........ eeh ehhehehehe j/k
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    okie ... thats what am gonna do now ...
  12. krayzie_lp_fan

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    hhhey...does anyone here has "splitting the DNA" BOTH cds? i want to complete my LP discography so i REEEEEEALYY want that album ok?

  13. alpha1

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    Which one is this?
    Track listing ?
  14. krayzie_lp_fan

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    hey Redalert i just want to know where can i find it
  15. krayzie_lp_fan

    krayzie_lp_fan New Member

  16. rocker_vish

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    aarey......bhai there is noting like splittin da dna album .....and if even it is...still no good....well i knw that before chester coming into the band they were called band Xero(other lp guyz...) i knw most of u might knw this but stilll :D: their first album as linkin park was HT EP ..... than came the HT ....newayz why do u wanna dig up the past..bhai M2m sunna abhi ke liye..newayz to make u bit goin 4 LP concert on 14 melbourne....:D:
    newayz guyz :rockon:
  17. lost1234

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    Guys LP's my fav. but strangely never though of lookin into there hist but after readin thi threa I did any1 interested read here :

    there ini name was Xero but than dont know when but they changed it to hybrid theory & then finally to linkin park.
  18. speeding

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    goodthat is very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

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