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    Ok.([Long story short version below]) I think this has to be the right place to ask my doubt.
    I am a guitar rig user and have been using it for years. Only so because my parents never entertained the idea of spending thousands on something that we all call a Processor. They never thought it was actually that useful compared to its size! So as an alternative I started to use G R. Everything was fine until my dad got transferred and he took my Computer along with him and left me with his Laptop.
    Ok! So whats the Deal?
    The deal is that my computer had a line in socket where my guitar cable used to go in. But this shitty Laptop which Im using right now has only 2 ports. audio and mic. I tried using the Mic input but It doesn't work. Only so as I googled to find that Mics do not have enough Voltage to get the guitar going. So all Im asking is for a solution to my problem... how do I get to connect my guitar to use guitar rig,or for that matter any effect modulating software. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this??

    What if there is no line in and i still wanted to connect my guitar to my laptop which has only a mic input and headphone input.
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    Mic works as good as Line In, albeit a little weak sounding. Check for the following:

    1. Control panel | Sound | Properties: Check for a microphone option and make it as DEFAULT. If u have 2 mics, then one is for the internal webcam mic and the other for the Pink Jack u plug into ur guitar.

    2.Under Properties for each Mic, checkmark 'Listen' and then plug and play your guitar. There should be some sound.

    3. For each mic, there is an option for MIC BOOST: Try raising this level too.

    All this time u need not run GR, If you have checked the LISTEN option.

    When using guitar rig with ASIO make sure the LISTEN option is checked out and no other s/w using the audio i/o ports is running.

    COSTLY OPTION: Buy a USB DI. Check Bajaao.
  3. ayaan40000

    ayaan40000 New Member

    ok thanks im on it!
  4. ayaan40000

    ayaan40000 New Member

    well hey it worked!! if i ever meet you i'd kiss u on the forhead n tell u wat a wonderful person u are to have helped me! Also im using Windows 7 x64 ultimate. im able to run guitar rig fine n the sound is very good after i did some trial and errors on the input gain n the Mic boosts.... but a new problem has come up that, when i am using GR i cannot simultaneously run any other audio program. Like i cannot play backing tracks and cannot play guitar pro .... either the GR works or the audio files, mp3 gp5 etc.... so can u lastly help me with this new problem? this never happened in my computer previously.... thanks once again you have made my day..! :D
  5. flood

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    one thing i would do in your place is search for a utility called ASIO4all and install it, then set it in your GR preferences as the primary sound driver. goodbye latency issues. you need to verify that the version will work in a 64-bit environment though. i've never used it myself cause i've used interfaces for a long time now...

    you will not be able to work around this problem, but you don't need to - learn how to use the built-in mp3 player/recorder in GR4! it's a very handy tool. again, this is something i rarely use. i did notice that the newest one has built in time stretching too.

    gp5 will probably not work. maybe if you disable the RSE and use midi only.
  6. guitarboy_anand

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    this is a standard with asio based programs. The software cannot run multiple instances of the audio i/o ports at a time. thus when asio uses the audio ports, it blocks them and vice versa i.e if ur running another software using audio i/o, GR will not work.

    Great Workaround for practise: (I Dont know if many ppl know abt this, GR also does not explain this point)

    in the control panel of GR (Right Below "Limit", where the tuner and metronome are also located), u have PRE and POST TAPEDECKS.

    Run the pre tapedeck and u can load any audio file and run it off GR in conjunction with ur guitar output. So Play along with any pro-song u like :)
    Caution: Use the "Play at input" option if u dont want the orignal track to be processed by GR

    Run the Post tape deck to record ur guitar/ Guitar with audio file .....

  7. ayaan40000

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    @flood thanks for the advice but i am already using ASIO4all n it works perfectly in a x64 bit...
    @flood @guitarboy_anand

    this problem is it due to the fact that im using a mic input instead of a line in? because as i mentioned earlier... in my computer earlier(now im using a laptop) i had the same setup... only that i was using a line in... and win XP... but there i was able to run multiple audio programs along with Guitar rig... so how is it that multiple instances of audio used to work then? any help is appreciated :)
  8. ayaan40000

    ayaan40000 New Member

    help me guys... plz!!
  9. harmonizer

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    u can NOT use ur music player simultaneously...cuz it doesn't use ASIO4ALL....

    however, here are some complicated fixes...

    1) Find a player which can play through ASIO4ALL.....or find a gateway for VLC to that driver...

    2) Open ur music files with some DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like FL Studio, Sony ACID pro, Cubase they can use ASIO4ALL (If u go to audio settings).....but it would be difficult to enjoy music continuously as u hv to open every file separately....

    3) Call ur dad n spend some crocodile's tears...

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