likhay jo khat tujhay chords- Mohd rafi

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  1. kl12

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    hi all
    here are the chords of the song likhay jo khat tujhay by Mohd Rafi..i requested this song but no body i gave it a try...

    (Bm)likhay ho khat tujhay
    woh teri yaar mein
    hazaroon rang (G) kay nazaray ban ga(A)yay

    (chord A is continued) sawera jab (Bm)hoaa tou phool ban gayay
    jo raat ayee (G)tou sitaray ban ga(A)yay

    likhay jo khat tu(Bm)jhay.....

    (Bm)koi naghma kahin goonja
    kaha dil nay yeh tou ayee

    kahin chat(A)ki kali ko(G)ee
    mein yeh sam(F#m)jha tou sharmaee (Bm)

    (Bm)koi khus(A)booo kahi bikh(Em)ri
    laga yeh (A)zulf lehrae(Bm)ee

    same progression for the rest of the song...

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  2. vini

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    good job..reps for u!
    but i want u to work more on this n improve.. :)
  3. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    thnks vini..i'll surely try to improve it...
  4. deepsriv1

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    chords given by u don't sound good... kindly review
  5. Charles12

    Charles12 New Member

    it was gud..n working!! thanks
  6. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    wah wah bht ala.........
  7. smktsn

    smktsn New Member

    hoeel every one?
  8. nirpeksh.thapa

    nirpeksh.thapa New Member

    please can i have the strumming pattern also.

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