letter for Mr Sanje types, "ai mere humsafar", u don't play it right either

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  1. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Well...i have been very busy lately..so unable to keep up..but when i did i was amused by the kind of posts. Now i had this experience before, but seems like few people are trying to put their "I am Mr. Expert image" lately.

    This is dedicated to those.

    I mean cmon are you guys blind or retarded not to understand the purpose of IGT. let me explain, its meant for "SHARING", not for proving who's better. What's up with you so called self-claimed "Mr. Play it Rights". No one is jimmy hendrix, eric clapton, slash or van halen here..or not even close to our own indipop guys like KK, shibani, rabbi..etc. forget that, from my analysis "Mr. Sanje" types are not even close to our own IGT experts as Jayswami, banbaaja etc.

    So what are you trying to prove?.

    There are lot of newbies, some beginers, mostly intermediates and very few advanced palyers on this site. So what do you expect, perfect chords and tabs. And you find mistakes, correct them and claim...people are horrible. Cmon man have some respect for the passion and willingness of guitar players here.

    If you thing there is something wrong, just say "here is the right version". What do you want to prove by saying "Its horrifying the way you pick chords of songs". Well don't carry the attitude if you can't handle the weight of it and when you are yourself handicapped to do so.

    Here, the chords for "ai mere humsafar" are not the exact chords. Let me give you a better version and you'll immediately realize your mistakes. But unlike you i don't say only i play it right or this is it. I am sure it can still be imrpovised. Note the use of Bm chord to add beauty. Ofcourse its not the right scale to start with, but i'll proceed with your scale.

    Ai mere Humsafar

    Ek zara intezaar...

    Sun sadhaee.dhe rahi hai

    Manzil,... Pyar ki

    Ab hai judhaee ka mausam..

    Dho pal ka mehe Maan....

    Kaise Na jaaega andhera....

    yu na chukega toofan

    Kaise na millegi...

    manzil.... pyar ki...

    So...say what buddy. There is an old saying just for you "nobody is perfect".

    My advise to you, if you find something wrong, you are most welcome to post the right version, but don't carry the "Mr. play it right" image with it.

    Take care.
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  2. Houstonian

    Houstonian New Member

    right on dude...i totally agree with u
  3. Acoustic_Allure

    Acoustic_Allure New Member

    Addendum...(For Mr Sanje types)

    Contd from where my friend left...

    I do not understand the disposition of some people...if you think you are a great musician..so be it ..why are you imposing it on other IGTians...Mr Sanje does not even try to consider that there can be variations in a song..his version is foolproof...Mr Sanje- I do not think you are helping anyone here by your self-centred approach...you may very well be a great musician ...no doubt but all great people have a tremendous capacity to explain things clearly and not rudely as you do. Try and be humble and dont get personal...we are here to learn and share as rightly pointed by Vikas.

    Of late there was a guy named Apurv Narain...total jerk criticising the work of others and you are following the same path. If you are truly a great musician then you should definitely understand how difficult it is for a beginner to get the hang of fluent strumming. Also, in that regards , since most IGTians are not pro's they try their their best to put the chords as per their comfort. Yes I do agree that many of them could be minorly incorrect..but not entirely. If you call yourself Mr Play it right- then you should have understood this. What is the guarantee that you put the chords of your own? And even if you do...then do not say "Play it right" because each player has a different style of playing and has a unique ear-pitch idea. So how can you say that you are the 100% correct maestro?

    Believe me...ask any top class guitar player and he would condem your language...finally just a request...be here if you want to help(I mean help in the real sense of the term)...else...just sod off dude.

    Back in school my teacher taught me..."Pride comes before Fall"

    Think over it...IGTians are mature enough to forgive

    Acoustic Allure :badmood:
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  4. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    THREE CHEERS @ vikas and Acoustic Allure....

    You know this was one of the reason I almost stoped posting... I enjoyed being a part of IGT in the begining... but it turned out that a cold war was on... Sorry, but I almost lost hope about this Hype on IGT. I'm glad we still got some pure blood flowing around IGT trying to cure ppl.

    Aprreciate it...
    and OH yeah... totally forgot about it...

    The chords are off the hook. Bm chord is like the magical tune that it req.

    Have phun guys
    take it easy
    Cheers :beer:
  5. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    I cant stop playing the song... thought I might thank you once more :-D
  6. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    Can someone tell me the movie name and maybe a place where i can listen to it or download it...

    I wanna know how I could strum the song... I have a vague idea.... but still wanna listen to it to confirm

    Cheers :beer:
  7. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    movie name is i think "qayamat se qayamat tak" and u can posibbly listen to it at raaga dot com
  8. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    ^^the movie is Qayamat se Qayamat Tak(QSQT)...for the song,u can go to any music store and get a copy......:)

    and main thing...yes 3 cheers for vikas and Acoustic Allure.......nice replies...:):)i couldnt do it better:)....and the chords u posted vikas...wonderful...that mr-play-it-right does not agree on any suggestions...i even tried to tell him about his kal ho na ho chords by posting EHSAAN's original chords....but he has his own way of proving himself right.....well...u guys did a great job...reps 4 u 2...:):)
  9. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    b'fully done..reps for u vikas :)
  10. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ oops.. need to spread more!..never mind..keep the good work up budds
  11. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    I knew it... I was playing way faster than the actual tone,

    Khair, thanks once again... The chords for fab, and the song... not to forget mentioning... is Superb (atleast the meaning)

    Take care ppl
    Take it easy
    Cheers :beer:
  12. Sanje

    Sanje New Member

    The actual chord changes are alot less on the actual song,... taking Em as a starting point,... iT goes, Em, C, Em, D,
    D, D, then straight back to E.

    No Bmajor in there either

    I dunno why i get so angry when I see people thinking their chords are right when they are surely wrong,.... then there's the instance where there are possible chords,.... and its a matter of which sounds nicer, those truly debatable types,...

    As for ai mere humsafar looking at the chords Ive seen posted recently, it seems clear that this song isnt universally appreciated the same,...

    people love different modifications to it,... for me just before the manzil pyar ka, i like to throw in a b major,
    (talking about my scale here)
  13. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    way to go buddy awesome effort
    reps for sure

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