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    We all are Indians first and then everything else. I honestly don't see a point why there are specific forums for only few languages, and for others they are not there.

    We had a quick discussion about it this afternoon, "There are not many people who will contribute there", was his reaction. "I agree, but how can we judge even without trying?" was my question.

    Going through the old threads in the feedback forum, requests for 'Punjabi', 'Telugu', 'Kannada' and 'Malayalam' sub forums have always surfaced.

    Over this weekend, there will be two major changes, no actually 3,

    1> We'll upgrade our current software to latest version - which ensures:- less Spam, quicker loading of content and of course more satisfaction for everyone around here.

    2> We'll have a theme change, in fact I'm all kicked about it, coz we are coming up with a a fixed width theme which will:- make navigation easier and simple, lesser clutter, better organized and adds some freshness to the site (more about it here: IGT Theme Change).

    3> Sub forums in various regional languages, based on prior requests (please dig through the feedback forum, and you'll agree). This will ensure:- better categorization of songs, improves searching (not really, but to an extent), gives everyone a sense of belonging (who doesn't really want it??) and of course hopefully more contributors who'll make those forums a success.

    If any of you want to help us set up the sub forums with some contributions rolling in, you know where to find my PM link ;).. if you don't know, then please leave a reply here and I'll contact you guys.

    Super-Admin :)

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