Lets Form a ~~~SUFI ROCK BAND~~~

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by pradeep.guitar, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I M a rhythm Guitarist & Lyricist from Malad, Mumbai....

    I wanna form a SUFI ROCK BAND...

    So anyone intersted.....?????

  2. ansh_k

    ansh_k New Member

    Hi Pradeep,

    I am interested in your band. I am a SUFI singer by hobbey and a s/w Engineer by profession. Do reach me at 9930048122 if u want to me to join the band.
  3. abrockstar

    abrockstar New Member

    I'm interested. well the first thing i wanna know is there any age limit? i'm 15 & lead guitarist of my school band
  4. rattlesnake562

    rattlesnake562 New Member

    Hey man,
    I'm interested.I am a rhythm guitarist and I can also do the backing vocals.

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