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  1. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Hi friends....all time we have been living in comfort zone and playing only those songs....on which we are comfortable...but I think now the time has come to go beyond that....lets begin something new...and interesting

    This requires cooperation from all and support from Experts like Keoraf....and enthusiasts like crazy,guitaristgal..sukrut,dadarumpum,malini and many more(I just named a few coz i remembered them by name)

    What we gone do is to put song of the week .....for everyone to try and record...and to be judged by elite guitarist/musicians.like Keoraf...giving apt comments how to improve our playing...and singing and recording...Keoraf can choose some other member for being judge..(hey judgement is not to demean anyone its just helping eachother..like picking up something good from others )So everyone interested will put up his/her own recording and which will make others feel how to improve..upon..

    So....waiting for ur suggestions guys.......:think: wat do u ppl say
  2. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    hmm good idea...but shucksssss........

    anyways ur definition of an expert is???
  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    thanx for mentionin my name!! :p:

    yeah.......im game.........

    but sorry man...have my exams till 19th..
    will record in full josh afterwards!

  4. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Haahaha....ur ar an expert too..man..

    thanks for writing in...

    ....you are correct...experts is quite a vague term to decide ..so I don't want hurt any one...everyone is welcome to provide suggestions feedback..etc(

    guys..can..perform and record their performances and experts(everyone on the IGT ) can provide their feedback...and we can compare with each other to know how to remove our mistakes.......and we can ask each other about any rhythm chord recording..etc related queries...

    comeone guys...let me know...ur comments...
  5. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    orignals or covers??
  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey Rakesh, i think your idea isn't bad, it would be nice to do something like you mentioned. So you guys will get all my cooperation, support etc.
    I'm really honored to be called an expert and i really appreciate you talk like this about me, but man, i am just an amteur, just like i think 99 % of the people here, i know a few things about music and i can play the keyboards, i am not a professional, music is just my hobby and i love making music, just as the majority here.
    I was in band for some time and we quitted a while ago, but i joined a new band since a few months and because of that i am not able to make music lately. Its not that i don't, but very little! So i'll try to join you guys as i'll try giving my comments the best way i can!
    I joined this forum 15-16 months ago and i really like this forum, i shared my music with you guys and i also try to share my knowledge about everything i know with you guys and as far as i know, sometimes i was able to help some people out of their problems, that feels good!
    Take care man!!!
  7. Crazy_Engineer

    Crazy_Engineer New Member

    Wow! Cool stuff! :)

    I'm game guys. I've a different idea though. IGT is full of music enthusiasts and many among us have different skills. Let's do this -

    2-3 of us come up with the lyrics.
    Keoraf (if time permits him) can do the tune and the track.
    I can help with the guitars/vocals along with other guitarists/vocalists

    We release our own song! :D
  8. amitrichardxess

    amitrichardxess New Member

    i like ur idea crazy
  9. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    turn of lyricists...to come with original stuff.

    Thats a good begining....this week first lets work upon the lyrics..and then on scale and chords sequence etc....what I think we can do first for getting right lyrics is getting the theme...

    any suggestions for good situation....themes... from any lyricist are most welcome and they will be mentioned in the cover...
  10. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    temme somethin if u refer to the igt project i started wasnt it supposed to be the same...copycats......
  11. Crazy_Engineer

    Crazy_Engineer New Member

    Critics! ;-) I guess we're onto something already.

    As siddhu said in Laughter Challenge "Agar Ram ka nam bar bar lenge to kya ye kahoge ki 'repeat' hota hein?"

    Anyway, what's wrong in repeating the history? Maybe we'll come up with something better this time?

    ------------back to the topic---------------

    Okay, I think the first task is to decide what comes first - lyrics or the tune? I'd suggest that we have the lyrics first and then those who are interested come up with our own tunes. We'll then select the best tune by poll and start working on it.

    Even if we do not go by what I suggested, we're going to need the lyrics. So who's gonna do the lyrics for us? I suggest following themes :-

    1. Dreams & Wishes (What we want from life)
    2. College ( let's not repeat GD's College Days)
    3. The first sight (of her ;) . How it felt .... hackeneyed, but its ok, lol)

    bah, I guess you all have better ideas than I do.
  12. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i second
    1. Dreams & Wishes (What we want from life)

    thats a good topic!

    but guys keep replyin and postin....or it'll become a dead thread like the igt project........

    but im all for it!

  13. Crazy_Engineer

    Crazy_Engineer New Member

    Yo! One of the M-O-S-T important thing - We're creating a H-I-N-D-I song ! :D I hope everyone agrees.

    How about pulling in Mr. Ehsaan (who's on IGT) of SEL? He can help us with this project.
  14. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Crazy thanks for giving moe-men-tum....!!

    ...and nice shape to the things..

    I think :think: I can write something on dreams and wishes.......I am going to try out...that ..

    while any good lyricist is open to pen in...!!

    QUOTE]Ehsaan Bhai...where r u???[[/QUOTE] Crazy....if Adi wants to put some english stuff in between ..then also the song me look nice but lets come up with something good first as per lyrics..then we may work on the tune..:beer:
  15. Crazy_Engineer

    Crazy_Engineer New Member

    Oh of course we can have English lines. In fact, it will be cool!

    Rakesh, please begin with the lyrics and if needed we can help you.

    Let's begin fellas!
  16. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Hey I wrote something ..but I guess its not good enough ..can some one modify..it and make it more beautiful and meaningful...
    I am not very good at writing lyrics frnds>>>>>>>>>>>>.
    Khaabon ka hai..ye,Mera aashiyaan...

    Rango se bhara ...khusiyon ki jagah..

    Dil Ko Harek pal..Milta hai sukoon ,

    Aisi ye jagah..aisa ye jahaan...!!

    Tum Ho door kyon.... Saathi aiye Mere..
    Aajao Ab tum, sab kuch chod Ke...

    Mere Humsafar ...Mere Rehguzar...
    Tanha Naa Kate Khabon ka safar.......
    One more I was trying to write but it was not coming good but still putting it here so that somebody else may have some good pickup from there:

    Wahi Surat...mujhe baar baar
    dikhti hamesha...

    julfein ghaneri..
    jaise kale baadal..
    jheel se naina....
    Naino mein Kajal

    bechain kar de...kajal ki dhaar..
    mujko hamesha....

    Tere bin, jeena Kaisa...Tere bin, Marna Kaisa,
    Jinda Reh ke bhi.........
  17. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    im not so good at hindi........it made very little sense to me!

    thats means that the song is good and complex!!!

    carry on!!! i like it!!!

    somebody add something more to it...
    and oh! somebody also post the eng translation of this....so that some of us can try adding eng lines.........

  18. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    i dunno im not good at writing lyrics...
  19. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Crazy can u make one nice translation of this and add up ur ideas as well...in between....I guess it will be hinglish version....i was stuk with my office work so could not give much time...coding and all u know.....
  20. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    dudes c'mon!!!

    this will soon become a dead thread!!!!



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