Lesson: Yngwie Malmsteen gUITAR lessON

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  1. Double A

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    Okay, Ive tabbed the lesson for anyone who might find it useful. Its a video lesson that can be found on internet by name of Yngwie Malmsteen guitar Lesson. In it he shows his frequently used patterns and licks..

    About the tuning thing: Yngwie uses 1/2 step down and plays the licks in Am scale mainly...But ive tabbed the patterns in standard tuning so they are immediately playable. Enjoy!

    There is a long improvisation in the end section of video...if anybodys interested in that, i might give it a try.:rock:

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  2. wylder

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    Hey, nice licks.. Have a doubt on a particular solo in a song that our band is trying to cover...

    In the solo for Slipknot's Psychosocial, is the starting run alternate picked or played using legato?
    I can hear distinct picking in between but the drive on the guitar makes it difficult to tell..

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