Lesson : Playing the blues scale

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    You will learn :

    Blue Notes



    Blue Notes
    The flatted fifth.

    The blues scale is a very important device for improvising, very similar in construction to the minor pentatonic scale. The only difference lies in the addition of the Blue note, the flatted fifth, meaning the chromatic note between the fourth and the fifth. This note removes the slickness from the pentatonic scale gives it more of a rock feeling. The flatted fifth is the most dissonant and tension-filled interval in music. Used effectively, it can give your playing a lot of colour.

    Five positions of the blues scale
    Here are the five positions of the blues scale. Special emphasis is put on the blue notes by marking them with an x.
    Tip : Instead of seeing them as "new". try to see them as your familiar pentatonic scales with an additional note. It will make things much easier.

    (Check the uploaded images)

    Am Pentatonic : A C D E G

    Blues Scale : A C D Eb E G

    What happens if we add an Eb to the C Major Pentatonic? This scale supplies us with a major as well as a minor third.

    Cmaj Blues Scale

    C D Eb E G A C

    If you play this scale over a C Major chord, you'll get a country-flavored sound a la Albert Lee or Steve Morse.

    If any guys wants the licks in Blues, PM me.

    Hope ya guys like this. Post all the questions you have here :)

    Suggestions, criticisms and reps are welcome.

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  2. Morbid_Angel

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    I hope everyone here knows the Pentatonic scale =P.

    Ima post its tutorial soon.
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    I'd like the licks please.
  4. alpha1

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    I want an audio demo of teh ideas presented in this tutorial.
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  5. Morbid_Angel

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    Ok ima upload the licks in pdf and GP5 format.

    Audio of? I have demonstrated no such thing which may need an audio. :S
  6. bjr

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    I think he's talking about the licks. He's kinda right....it's a lot easier to get the feel with audio. Post those too if possible.
  7. Morbid_Angel

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    GP5 can run audio na..or i'll jus export it to midi.
  8. alpha1

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    Neh, I want a human fingers playing the guitar and showing me all that, rather than a stupid computer with MIDI instructions filled
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    Oh well, we'll make do. Thanks anyway.
  10. Morbid_Angel

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    I'll see if I can. Let me get the book first. ;)
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    AJ ...u goona buy the book..... it sucks
    do try it in net....
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    I'm not buying any book mate ;). My cuz already has alot of em.
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    ok then do try ur best... waiting fa em.........$$$$$$$$$$$

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