Left handed strat/tele

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been playing cheap electric guitar all my life and pretty much tired of it, no matter how much i try to fix, something or the other has always cropped up; either the bridge doesn't hold itself, causing intonation or action problem, or the pots get damaged etc. I am not even including warping of truss rod because it happened so many times I learned how to fix it.

    So here are my questions i am looking for a left handed Thinline Tele like guitar but sadly fender doesn't make them. If there are any luthiers out there can they give me a ball-park figure in such making such a instrument?

    Secondly, i fear that making a custom guitar might be over my budget (i am looking for something around 25,000) in that case can any body tell me where i can get Mexican fender or classic Vibe squier, or G&L (either strat or tele, i like both their sound) within 20,000 -25,000 INR.?

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