left handed guitar in mumbai

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  1. harshb079

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    where can I find left handed Semi Acoustic guitar in Mumbai
    i am going to buy a guitar for the first time.. i read somewhere that we can restring a right handed guitar to left handed.. Is it fine if I do that bcoz its really hard to find left handed ones..
    Still a left handed instrument would be my first preference..
    Please guide me guys..
  2. isodope

    isodope New Member

    You can restring it, but there are a few other things you'll have to do: 1. The grooves on the nut are proportional to the string widths. 2. The saddle height at the bridge, again, is as per the string height. These are two things you will HAVE to change. Other things that may/may not annoy you:
    1. The dots on the side of the fretboard that serve as guides will be on the underside when you hold it left-handed.
    2. The scratch guard will be in the wrong place.
    3. If you buy a cutaway. the wrong side will have the cutaway.
    4. If you have a pickup, the preamp (if applicable) and female jack will be in the wrong place.

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