Learning to play hindi songs on guitar

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by d3sibeast, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. d3sibeast

    d3sibeast New Member

    Hey guys, I just started learning the guitar by myself about 3 months ago. Great progress, but I want to expand just from Rock into other music. Hindi songs are great, so I came here to learn some hindi songs :D

  2. aj_metarocks

    aj_metarocks New Member

    Dude if u wanna expand ur horizons there's nothing like the blues.
    A mysterious and enigmatic yet fairly simple sound that ratles every last working neuron in ur body. Try it sometime
  3. aj_metarocks

    aj_metarocks New Member

    Can anyone elaborate to me as to why santana is still the ruler in guitar melodies
  4. _cesc

    _cesc New Member

    cos hesssssssssss the great SANTANA
  5. Seva Deva

    Seva Deva New Member

    YOU AND ME BOTH.....listen to alot of KIRTAN as I do and GO to alot of KIRTAN. My most amazing suggestion is to listen to GURU SINGH first online "I AM" ...I used to go to his studio daily...he is very special. Listen to those you like...I am trying to get better at it and listen to WAH, Govindas, Deva Primal, and many others daily. Yoga West or Goldenbridge Yoga have amazing CD lists. DONNA DeLORY is a blessed sista I shared stage with but not yet recorded...she is amazing to be around with her healing mantras. Go to SADNAH at KUNDALINI and bring your GUITAR and LEARN. call me 845-598-6102

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