Learning Tabla improve my knowledge of rhythm and taal ?

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  1. Saadman..

    Saadman.. New Member

    , i knw this is the wrong forum to post this but i realy need some adivise from you guys..

    ok....... So, i am a guitarist/ vocalist...... and recently i got into composing.......

    One of my friends was suggesting that i learn Tabla.. and that doing so will help me alot with my composing...

    Now, ofcors i knw learning tabla will help me... my knowledge of rhythm and taal willl definately increase but i wanna know to what extent will it help me??

    Is it realy worth the time.. ???

    And yeh, administrator.. i am sorry for the post.... you can suggest me the forum,, i will move my post there but yeh i realy wanted the advise of the ppl who visit this specific forum...

    Thank u
  2. sheermelody

    sheermelody Pianist

    More than learning tabla, I think a basic course in music arrangement and music composition is important before you start composing.

    Music arrangement is one of the biggest pitfalls in composition. A lot of composers in present day Indian film music are just composers, whereas the arrangements are done by a different set of people. What distinguishes a great composer from a good composer is the style of arrangement...

    Calcutta school of music and Bangalore school of music offer good courses on musical composition and arrangement concepts. Though essentially an abstract course, taking the course will help in the long run.
  3. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    Another practice that goes a long way in honing your composing skills is extensive listening. Listening to ALL KINDS AND GENRES of music is absolutely essential for someone who is starting to get into songwriting, because it will teach you the do's and dont's, give you ideas, and provide you with food for thought.
  4. Saadman..

    Saadman.. New Member

    lol, yeh sayanakaharry..... i agree wid u, it is a must to listen to all kinds of music... and that i do so...

    btw, sayanakaharry.. can u suggest some eastern classic music to me?
  5. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    of course, visit www.sarangi.info
    and PM me ur email id, i will send u some good stuff :)
  6. nova

    nova New Member

    Learning Tabla,

    I think it is 100% worthy spending time learning tabla for better sense of rythm.If some one love to sing he should think about it,I myself thinking the same way, thank you for the thought.
  7. Saadman..

    Saadman.. New Member

    tabla shekha ta khub bhalo lagche.. its realy fun plus onek notun jinish shikte parchi..

    nova, u shld learn tabla as well! *wink*...

    and sayanakaharry, THank u for the website! i will be contactin u soon...

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