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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by kalychak, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    Hi everyone
    I've a small doubt or question
    i'm a beginner following many videos from YouTube
    do i need to buy a practice CD for my learning
    i got a deal with a CD of run-time 1:33 hrs GUITAR LEARNING CD
    was it OK
    plz do help me ASAP
  2. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    Get a teacher -_-
  3. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    +1 Get a teacher. If not YouTube is more that sufficient.

    Also check out the website: justinguitar.com
  4. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    thanks 4 the replies
    in my town there are no teachers available so i'm getting a disc & also following YouTube too
  5. ss192

    ss192 New Member

    What cd or DVD you are talking about? I meant what's the title and who's the tutor featured.
  6. guitaristss588

    guitaristss588 New Member

    Guitar Teacher is the best chocie
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  7. guitaristss588

    guitaristss588 New Member

    The best thing as a beginner is to find is a Guitar Teacher,a good guitar teacher can guide you towards your goals and show you what to practice, the rest is down to you actually practicing in the time between lessons.The more practice the faster the progression and development...usually.

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