Learning Guitar - Acoustic or Electric? (The answer)

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    ok first off all this is not my own suggestion actually i was also try to find the solution of this question that which is better for start acoustic or electric :D
    and i found a perfect solution on net hope it will help you...

    Ease of Learning

    Depending on your personality type, this might either play a major factor in deciding which guitar to start on, or might be irrelevant. Some people find if they don't see results quickly, they get discouraged, and lose interest in playing guitar altogether. If you think you (or the person you're buying for) are one of those people, an electric guitar is probably the instrument to start on. Electric guitars have smaller bodies, smaller necks, and it's much easier to press down the strings. Essentially, you can start playing the *basics* of guitar much more quickly and easily on an electric guitar, than you can on an acoustic. Having said that, there are a few knobs and buttons on an electric guitar that can complicate using it somewhat.

    Budget Considerations

    Understandably, paying a whole lot for a first guitar isn't very desirable, especially if you're not even sure if playing guitar is something you (or whomever you're buying for) will stick with. For this reason, acoustic guitars are more often the choice for a first instrument, since they tend to be slightly less expensive. Electric guitars require the purchase of an amplifier, and a guitar cable, so they can end up costing a little more. If you want to learn on an electric guitar, but budget is a serious issue, many guitar stores offer starter electric guitar/amp packages at very reasonable prices.

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    Wow! that was the thing that i was trying to explain you in your previous thread.

    which guitar you want to start with depends upon your personality and sound which you are looking for. If you want to play some Rock type songs and you bought acoustic it will not sound good and the beginner will disappointed.

    The example is me, i bought acoustic, not suited. me now even i am a beginner i bought a electric guitar, beacuse i was looking for that sound, And i think i was not Wrong.

    But i you thought for an electric, it will affect your budget but fully satisfaction.

    This is my theory, you like it or not
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