Learn Guitar online or class ??

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by digit, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. digit

    digit New Member

    Hii all,
    I have just started learning guitar(a couple of days) the problem is that i might not be able to continue the classes(would not have enough time for classes) though i can practice at home. So, i want to ask can i learn guitar using the net(this forum ;) and others) after about one or 2 months of training from the classes.

    Thank you.
  2. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Personally online learning did not work for me initially.. If you can afford (time and money), opt for classroom session atleast till the point you are comfortable in chords changes..
  3. sushyant

    sushyant New Member

    Hey Are you based out of bangalore? in case you are, I can take classes, I stay at Indiranagar 100 ft road. My no is 9620250548
  4. slash0211

    slash0211 New Member

    Learn to play guitar (Bass, rythm & lead). beginner to advanced level.. acoustic/electric..
    Guitar techniques, rhythm, lead (soloing), bass, blues, acoustic/electric

    Avail the benefit of flexible schedules, fast paced learning.. once a week lesson good enough to practice whole week...
    no advance fees..classes at your place... pay per session.

    don't worry if u haven't got a guitar.. u will get assistance in buying the best one 4 u..
    [Classes provided in Delhi/NCR]

    Ph: 9873793090
    Email: Jazzelinn@gmail.com
  5. mayur_7393

    mayur_7393 New Member

    Hello friends,

    Visit my blog


    This will help you to go ahead in your guitar learning journey whether you be at a beginner stage or intermediate or expert...

    I am sure it will help you...

    You can comment your questions tooo.....

    I will answer it as soon as possible
  6. hemant_spidey3

    hemant_spidey3 New Member

    There are lots of lesson that you can get it over here or on any other site, but the problem is your learning is not structural. so I suggest you, you opt for class. If it is not possible for you, there is a completely free lesson available for everyone, just search with the name "12 week guitar lesson" and sign up for that you will get mail for the lesson(video) from a guy. Believe me , he is a kind of genius. So it will help you learn in structured way........hope it will help you
  7. Akram Fakir

    Akram Fakir New Member

    Is it so tough to learn in online.
    I am a new person to this music site.
    So i found it tough.What will be the better idea
    to start learning the Rithom,lead,and pentatonic
    music in guiter easily?
  8. hemant_spidey3

    hemant_spidey3 New Member

    actually learning is always tough in the beginning, but later it will be easy . you just require patience and dedication. The thing is that , when you learn online, there will be no one to correct you, push you and appreciate you. so it will become more harder than with actual tutor, but if time doesn't persist you can still look on the video i've suggested in my last reply
  9. Akram Fakir

    Akram Fakir New Member

    I searched but couldn't find the Sing up section.How to get registered?
  10. hemant_spidey3

    hemant_spidey3 New Member

  11. Akram Fakir

    Akram Fakir New Member

    Thanks a lot.Do you know where i can find the the tab section with lyrics?

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