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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by saurabh_k, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. saurabh_k

    saurabh_k New Member

    Hey, folks! I'm (as good as) a beginner. After reading the reviews of the L&M Series (all of which were positive and highly recommended it), I'm considering asking my aunt to get it for me this June. Has anyone used it? If yes, I have a few questions:

    *Are electric guitar lessons also provided on the same set?
    *Are there lessons for advanced techniques like arpeggios etc. and diminished and harmonic scales on it?
    *Does it teach staff notations?
    *If the answer to the above questions is 'no', is it still worth $249?
  2. tesu

    tesu New Member

    hi saurabh,

    the series is quite good and contains all details. i didnt find arpeggios though. but d00d $249!!! i mean you can get it for free...

  3. saurabh_k

    saurabh_k New Member

    thanks for replying, akshat...i know it's available for download, but i wasn't sure of the quality, plus, thanks to my net scheme, i'd be able to gain access to it only after a month or something (it's huge, right?). Also, my aunt's paying for it...i just wanted to know what's made it worth $249 ;)
    And i'm sorry for calling arpeggios a 'technique'...later, i remembered reading somewhere that it's playing the notes of a chord individually...right?
  4. tesu

    tesu New Member

    yes arpeggio is a broken chord spread over the fretboard, i wonder if its possible to play it well on acoustic...
  5. saurabh_k

    saurabh_k New Member

    thanks, but what about the other queries?
  6. pravins

    pravins New Member

    I have those DVDs, and its worth having those with you if you want to learn theory of guitar and music!
  7. saurabh_k

    saurabh_k New Member

    thanks for replying...so do you mean it teaches staff notations too? do you have the book that accompanies the set? what are its major contents?
  8. saurabh_k

    saurabh_k New Member

    thanks...i finally got the series...it also has some brief lessons on arpeggios and chicken-pickin'...i've only caught some random lessons...hope it's good overall...
  9. Tissue_Paper

    Tissue_Paper New Member

    You seriously bought it for $249.?
  10. kalemati12

    kalemati12 New Member

    thanks ...

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