Le Ja Tu Mujhe -Atif Aslam- Guitar Cover/chords

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  1. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    Atif is back ....and guys i have posted the guitar cover of this song on Youtube. Chords are simple and the song is awesome.Take some time and watch it.

    Song-Le Ja Tu Mujhe
    Singer- Atif Aslam
    Movie- F.A.L.T.U(2011)

    Guitar cover


    I assure u it's worth watching.

    Enjoy and Peace.
  2. awesomeaditya

    awesomeaditya New Member

    Hey Shin..

    I'd appreciate if artists like you'd put up the written stuffs for chords along with the lines of the song here.

    Coz many a times I can't access youtube since its blocked in my office :(


    Music chose me to be its slave
  3. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    Point taken...from now on..i will post the chords as well. I already did it for the new song Jiyein Kyun form Dum Maaro Dum.

    Have fun.

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