Lazy postman faces jail

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    A lazy Italian postman is facing up to 10 years in jail after he filled his home with thousands of letters he could not be bothered to deliver.

    Police found almost every room at the home of postie Antonio Piras, from Ittiri on Sardinia, jammed with sacks full of letters.

    They ound thousands more stuffed in the boot and under the seats of his car, and even in the garden shed.

    Locals had complained that none of them had received a single letter or package through the post since March.

    Some had their electricity cut off after failing to pay bills they had never received, news website Tgcom reported.

    Police said Piras has been charged with illegally holding other people's private property.

    A spokesman said: "It appears he was just plain lazy and couldn't be bothered to deliver the letters.

    "People will get their letters delivered to them now, it will just take a while for the other postmen to work through the backlog."
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    indian postman's are almost out of job since the advent of email........heh e
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    poor guy... cant imagine that someone could be so lazy..
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    hm... weird...

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