Layla (Unplugged) - Eric Clapton

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  1. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    Hey friends,

    Here's my attempt of Clapton's romantic rock number, Layla:

    My third recording in as many weeks, was bit lucky to get some free time.
    Appreciate any feedback, I'm no good with vocals, so tried to do humming instead of singing but that came out more nasty so went ahead with my vocals only... :-(

    It's tough to be a guitarist with not so good throat! :)

    thank you...
  2. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    Just to add, I recorded guitar and vocals separately and combined using Audacity software. Pls. let me know if there's any better FREE alternative to Audacity..
  3. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    Well Played...keep up
  4. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    thanks mate for your feedback! Do you also play any instrument or into singing?
  5. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    Yup i play guitar and learning to sing as well.
  6. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    Cool. Samay mile to recording upload keejiyega :) Gud luck...

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