laurence juber - pink panther theme song

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    hey all,
    i saw the pink panther tab posted by some one but that was not the right one and infact the pink panther theme song that my guitar tutor had taught me was also wrong<i left classes 1 and half yrs back>.in fact the right and accurate one performed by laurence juber is the original one which is pertained to the original tabber of this song - HENRY MANCINI.this master piece of guitaring was retabbed and recorded by LAURENCE JUBER.
    its a jazz song and who so ever played this should have been a guitar god.

    its really tough so keep on practising it.


    thats it but its really god damn tough i have practised it but it aint so fast as he does.need to keep on practising coz it involves this classical type.
    it might sound easier to those who have tried out stair way to heaven and
    tears in heaven.

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