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    Product: SoH 500 (Sense of Humor 500)

    Each 500 mg contains
    A new perspective 200mg
    Amusement 100mg
    CommonSense Depressant 100mg
    Brain stimulant 50mg
    Excitement 50mg

    Dosage: As directed by your self doctor

    WARNING: Should be used wisely, or else back-fires

    The whole world is falling apart
    but still you wanna laugh it off?

    A friend is feeling all sad and lone
    and u gotto offer support?

    Mistake was pointed out
    accept but not take it to heart?

    situation is so embarrassing
    lol it off, stay cool n smart?

    You want to get a point across
    but stay safe, even if its your boss?

    You wanna make a cool speech
    but oh no! no snoring please?

    For all such great effects, Introducing SoH 500... GRAB!!!


    Side-effects: known to cause 'The PFU syndrome' also known as "People Flock to You" syndrome. The person might note changes in view with things starting to appear differently.
    Withdrawal effects: Sadness is observed among friends, in a few days of withdrawal.

    Expiry Date: Unknown
    MRP: $0, inclusive of all taxes.

    Do not store

    *Well, the 'Advertisement' part was meant to be NO joke.

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