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    ok now this thread is for informing all u guys abt the latest hardwares infos available in the international market.So, enjoy guys!!! this thread will be regularly updated so keep checking!!! :rock:
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    Intel Branded a Cheat in Japan:-

    The war between Intel and AMD has reached a crescendo as Intel has decided to comply with the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) ruling which has found the chip giant guilty of violating Section 3 of Japan’s Antimonopoly Act.

    In the latest development, the Japanese authorities have accepted that Intel used deliberate and systematic anti-competitive behavior for its benefit. The JFTC determined that Intel conditioned its pricing based on customers not doing business with competitors.

    Intel has been very careful in its response since it claims that its Japanese subsidiary, Intel K.K. (IJKK), is accepting a Recommendation from the Japan Fair Trade Commission. Vice president and general counsel for Intel, Bruce Sewell even went so far as to claim, Intel respectfully disagrees with the allegations contained in the Recommendation, but in order to continue to focus on the needs of customers and consumers, and continue to provide them with the best products and service, we have decided to accept the Recommendation... AMD, of course, was quick to reply by claiming that Intel, ...has conspicuously failed to either accept responsibility for its actions or acknowledge that competition is best served when customers and consumers have a choice.

    According to the JFTC however, which found that:

    - Some manufacturers were required to buy 100 per cent of their CPUs from Intel; another manufacturer was forced to curtail its non-Intel purchases to 10 per cent or less;
    - Intel separately conditioned rebates on the exclusive use of Intel CPUs in specific PC product lines or brands in order to eliminate competitor CPUs from key OEM brand lines;
    - Intel’s activities in Japan include the use of its Intel Inside program, market development funds and other rebate programs. Intel’s tactics lock-in OEMs and prevent them from doing business with Intel’s competitors.

    Intel had ten days to either comply with or appeal this ruling and requested a two week deadline extension. Intel elected to accept the Recommendation which means that the company will need to alter business practices and implement other remedies immediately to meet the guidance in the Recommendation.

    The European Commission recently stated that it is also investigating Intel for possible similar anti-competitive business practices in Europe and is cooperating with the Japanese authorities. While the ruling leaves the door wide open for similar investigations all over the world as well
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    Pirates have claimed to create the Ultimate gaming system!!!!:grin:

    As if gamers were not already tempted enough by the release of new handhelds and games, Lan Pirates, the UK based manufacturers of high-spec PCs and Laptops, have announced the release of the ultimate gamers system; the Buccaneer SLI. This is the latest in a long line of PCs and should have every gaming geek in the land salivating in expectation of dual graphics card performance.

    All of the components have been chosen to represent the pinnacle of the latest technologies and with a price point of GBP 2,249 (USD 4.3K) including delivery, it is competitively priced for its performance but will still remain a dream for most gamers.

    The LAN Pirates Buccaneer SLI is built around the MSI K8N Diamond motherboard as it is the highest performing board released by MSI to date. Integrated features include Creative 24-bit High Definition 7.1 channel audio, 6 x S-ATA2, Dual Gigabit LAN and both wireless (54Mbps) and Bluetooth high range connectivity through a single antenna! These features paired with MSI's NX6800GT Series cards means games will run with unsurpassed performance! MSI's active cooling design also means the system will keep quiet and cool.

    LAN Pirates Buccaneer SLI Specification
    Chenbro Gaming Bomb II (Choice of Silver or Black)
    AMD FX55 Processor
    MSI K8N Diamond Motherboard
    MSI 6800GT 256MB PCI Express Graphics Cards x 2
    Seagate 250GB NCQ 7200rpm Hard Drives x 2 on RAID 0
    Crucial PC3200 DDR Ballistix Performance Memory x 2
    Microsoft® Windows XP Professional
    Sony CRX320E Black DVD/CDRW Optical Drive
    Sony DW-D18A Black Dual Layer 16x DVD Rewriter
    Logitech Internet Keyboard
    Logitech MX510 Optical Mouse
    Tagan 480w PSU
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    XFX SLI Setup Breaks Records:-

    XFX, known for taking high-end cards and pushing them 'till they bleed, has helped a pair of dedicated Finnish overclocking gurus achieve their goal of breaking the 3DMark World Record.

    Their system, which included a special liquid nitrogen cooling system, utilized XFX's nVidia GeForce 6800 GT SLI card. As a result, they were able to increase the power supply to the memory modules and achieve a core clock of 575 MHz with a memory speed of 1300 MHz to produce a screaming 3DMark Score of 12,483.

    This was no easy victory. The two XFX GeForce 6800 GTs with NVIDIA SLI technology were pitted against imposing opposition -- including SLI enabled GeForce 6800 Ultras and, against all odds and mind-boggling improbability, they were able to surpass the competition by leaps and bounds.

    It's just more proof that NASA was in fact working for the benefit of gamers although XFX's take on the card is also rather impressive. The way XFX tends to work on cards is to customize every aspect from board material to memory quality.

    To accomplish this great benchmarking achievement, XFX and the Finnish overclockers utilized a pair of XFX's GeForce 6800 GT cards featuring 256MB of 256-bit GDDR3 memory, PCI Express Bus Architecture and NVIDIA's SLI Technology. The card has already received many of Europe's most prestigious magazine awards proclaiming it to be the best graphics card on the market in its class.

    The GeForce 6800 GT comes with standard DVI, VGA and S-Video outputs, and a dual-DVI option also is available. The card is built to harness the power of NVIDIA's SLI technology, which dramatically scales performance by allowing two graphics cards to be run in parallel. The card also features the industry's first on-chip video processor for high quality video performance and features.

    Other features include superscalar 16-pipe GPU architecture; Shader Model 3.0 support, UltraShadow II Technology; 64-Bit Texture Filtering and Blending; Intellisample 3.0 technology and Advanced Adaptive De-Interlacing.

    This card has already gone down in history as a record breaker and will definitely have a few gamers salivating wildly
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    VirtualFX 3D TV Converter

    As gaming has increased its overall market share, a variety of companies have begun surfacing promising a million and one enhancements that guarantee a unique gaming experience. A common pattern has arisen from those promises and guarantees, indicating that what gamers want is The Third Dimension. In the quest for added realism, 3D is the obvious next big step and has evolved into the holy grail of gaming. At first graphics cards promised that with the move from simple 2D games to visually improved, 3D-Games. Then, more recently, companies have started offering monitors promising anything from high definition 3D-Like experiences to holographic projections.

    Sifting through the noise of revolutionary gaming extras has become a tiresome procedure but every now and then we are rewarded with a true gem.

    eDimensional was founded in 2000 by a group of gamers, dedicated to improving gaming and entertainment realism. The company has grown rapidly and has established itself in the market focusing on high-quality 3D gaming accessories. Our flagship product, the E-D 3-D Gaming System, was released to critical acclaim. eDimensional's patented stereoscopic conversion software promises an enhanced 3D experience through simulation.

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    @silent_dragon: Buddy... pls confirm your source for above posts!! If you are copying from site... please read its Copyright Terms & dont violate them!
    Just a friendly reminder!

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    ha ha ha!!don't worry dude some of these r from books as well as the sites of my friends.They have allowed me to repost their reviews!!!Anyway thnx for ur concern, I was naturally waiting for this comment.:beer:
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    Razer Diamondback


    Six months ago Razer released their first ever optical mouse, the Viper. They are back this time around with another intimidating mouse, the Diamondback. The Razer Diamondback was made to add more features that all gamers want that the Viper didn't have, buttons! The new Diamondback has a total of 7 physical buttons thats right don't rub ur eyes, which can be independently programmed via the Razer software. If that isn’t enough, the Diamondback has a 1600 dpi optical sensor, 16-bit data path, and of course the on-the-fly sensitive adjustment. The new mouse also comes with all new colors, chameleon green and translucent flaming Magma/salamander red. As the name suggests, the chameleon green changes colors when you look at it from different angles! :shock: :shock: :shock: :nw: :nw:

    here r some performance specification:-

    1. Optical engine powered by kärna precision
    2. 1600 dpi, twice that of conventional high performance sensors
    3. High speed motion detection, up to 40ips and 15g
    4. Frame rate over 6400 frames per second (5.8 megapixels per second)
    5. 16 bit data path, as compared to 8 bit and 12 bit data paths used by
    other conventional mice
    6. Always On Mode – the optical sensor never powers down - provides
    instantaneous response at all times during gameplay
    7. Buttons – 7 physical buttons optimized for gaming response and
    independently programmable
    8. Ultra large non-slip mouse buttons, tactile response design
    9. Non-slip side rails and new ergonomic ambidextrous design
    10. Zero acoustic Teflon feet for smooth motion over any surface
    11. Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
    12. Size: 5.04" length x 2.5" width x 1.54" height
    13. 7 foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
    14. Award winning Razer drivers featuring On-the-Fly sensitivity adjustment
    15. Chameleon Green and Magma (red) translucent chassis options available
    16. Comes with custom designed Razer Diamondback Lan-Pack for storage
    and transport.

    I'm gonna hav to ask Dad to get me one of this so u guys better too cause this mice is only in limited edition!!! :p: :p

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