Laney LX 65D Amplifier For SALE!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by shetu_ecdw, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. shetu_ecdw

    shetu_ecdw New Member

    hey guys,

    I am selling my Laney LX65D Amplifier.
    here u can chk the specs n price:

    also with the Laney Amplifier is Laney footswitch(bought seperately):

    Total MRP is Rs 16,900

    I am selling for 12.5K

    This is a very powerful amplifier with celestian speaker. It can be used on stage for gigging as well. I am selling this because i have some shortage of money.

    It is in very good condition.

    If u are interested u can email me @

    i am goin to pune on 16th august. So if any pune buyers can contact me for local delivery.
    I can also ship the item. It shud cost no more than 400-500Rs(to be payed by buyer).


    Also for sale ESP AX-50 Electric guitar.

    get AMP+GUITAR == 20.5K!!!
  2. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    looks like great offer but esp 50?!!.my god........u know they suck.don cha?.any other guitar?.

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