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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Varunendra, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Varunendra

    Varunendra New Member

    Hey ppl,
    I wanted to ask u wat u feel about LANEY AMPS...also i am interested in buying a LANEY amp.My questions are:
    1.Which laney amp is good with 100 watts of power for guitar
    2.Is there any laney amp which can be used for guitar and drums as well

  2. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    Hi...i love laney...:)

    so heres my answers:

    1.Laney , imo are amazing amps. I personally own the laney TFx1...which is supposed to have a tube pre amp. Its really awesome!!!! Its got a really versatile tone. U can get anything out of this amp. The DSPs (effects) on the amps are better than the others in its class for sure. I personally say, for us Indians...laneys are our way to the future since we dont get Peaveys , Crates , Vox etc here. Go for the laney dude!

    2.What is your budget? Cus id love to help you out.

    3.Dunno about the drums bit. Do u mean micing your drumkit? cus i dont get it otherwise?

    Good Luck,
  3. yazi

    yazi Banned

    Well, a guy whose username is such can be expected to be biased, right?
  4. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    yep you can..i agree totally..but you can also go check out a laney and see for yourself...and compare it with a Marshall in its price range...and see which beats which :p
  5. Varunendra

    Varunendra New Member

    Forget the budget this Laney TFX1 worht buying...also wats the difference between 50watts and 100 watts amp? Is there a major difference and which wud be preferable?

  6. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    whats your budget though?
  7. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    I have to agree with Laney Maney.... Laney amps are Excellent. anda good choice for us out here with the limited choice we have.
    I have tried a Laney at Furtados.. And I must say I was IMPRESSED... I played it through a terrible sounding Fender Showmaster and it made that guitar shine.. I dont remmber whihc model it was I was actualyy cheaking out the BAD MONKEY....

    Laney Maney can you tell me more about your amp? Does it have a GOOD CLEAN TONE... I am very intrested in knowing how well the handel Clean tones... Most amps I have tried I did not like for the cleans.
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Does Paul Gilbert also use Laney?
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    PS: His tone sux!
  10. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    That 100 watt speaker will not make much difference unless the speaker that comes with is is larger/more speakers (212,412) or you use it to drive a larger cab. Otherwise 50watt (for everything else constant) will really do IMO.
  11. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    my laney has a damn good clean tone...and a very average sounding overdrive...nothing great overdrive but beautiful clean...i dont need overdrive or any effects so i took it :)
  12. petermasc

    petermasc New Member

    i agree with laneymaney.laney amps are better than marshalls of comparable prices.if i sell my kustom i will go in for one the next day.wish we had a better range of brands to choose from like vox,krank etc

    alpha 1:man u are tone you know paul gilbert only uses the distortion from his amp:no dist pedals,and a very few effects?i feel pauls tone is great you can really hear how clean his picking technique is.before laneys he used to use ampeg.
  13. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^^ :buu:

    Did I dispute or claim that PG gets tone from pedals and not from amps?

    IF you really wanna hear how much his tone sux, you should see the "Guitar Player" Jam (In Japan) between Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman.

    Gilbert uses Laney and his tone is too thin and bright.
    Friedman uses Hughes and Kettner. And by Lucifer, his tone sounds heavenly.
    With less volume, Friedman was able to overpower Gilbert's tone in that Jam.
    Thick, meaty, beefy, clarity in notes.
  14. petermasc

    petermasc New Member

    dude check out the guitar paul is using its a semi-hollow body,it is definatley not going to sound as thick as a solid body mahogny guitar.btw why is the marshall in the background?pauls individual notes stand out better than marty's,and i think the guitar is ideal for a range of tones from 'hendrixish' mildly overdriven tone to hard rock tone,hell he uses a similar guitar with racer x live.
  15. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    best is you just go try one out...if u like it(which u will...duh) buy it....if u dont..come back here and post
  16. yazi

    yazi Banned

    Or take Laneymaney 'The Impartial and Justs' advice.
  17. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned i that pushy?
  18. Chi

    Chi B.D. Fisher

    ^a bit.. :p dun mnid.

    @topic starter, dhiiiskiyaon!...
    mm..lets try again,
    @topic, the only guitar amps i kno of available in india are laney and marshalls..y dun u try them out urself. and it depends wht purpose u need ur amp for..mostly a 50w wud be enuf if ur not playing at loud volumes.
  19. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    yup 50watts are more than sufficient..........

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