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  1. Sastry

    Sastry New Member

    I am in the process of generating sheet music for Geethams & Swarajitis. Here is my first one.

    Please note:
    Key Signature: C Minor / A major
    Time Signature: 100
    Note Signature: 4/4

    If anyone is aware of reading sheet music and playing on any instrument, please let me know how the translation is.
    Sastry Karra
    MS , MBA

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  2. aswinharry

    aswinharry New Member

    Dude can u post in d form of notes or fret no:s
  3. Sastry

    Sastry New Member

    Sorry My friend...In my website I have the Western/Indian notation and here is the sheet music. There might be someone who can convert these to tabs/chords.
  4. Sastry

    Sastry New Member

    Here is the pallavi

    Give a try and let me know.

    Sree - | Ga na na tha || sin dhu | - ra var na ||

    Ka ru | na Sa ga ra || ka ri | va dha - na ||

    Lam - | bo - dha ra || la ku | mi ka ra - ||

    Am - | ba - su tha || a ma | ra vi nu tha ||

    Lam - | bo - dha ra || la ku | mi ka ra - ||


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