Lal meri pat _by junoon

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    Lal meri pat


    After the starting riff, play A major and then E
    major continously, to figure out the bars listen to the song. before starting
    the song strum D major, then vocals comes in.

    D A E
    lal meri pat rekhio bala jholay lal lar
    Bm A Bm A D
    sindre da saywan da sakhi shahbaz qalander
    A D A D
    damadam mast qalander sakhi shahbaz qalader
    ho lal mairee hooo lal mairee

    the same chords progression goes for the verses, you'll find little changes
    among them but i think you can figure them out after having the basic idea.

    ENJOY,.......... :beer:
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    i have already posted those under the title dama dam mast......:p:
    next time please search the forums before posting or requesting....
    have fun at IGT.....:):):)

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