Lakshya Agar mein kahoon Tabs are here

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  1. apurvnarain

    apurvnarain New Member

    First Part

    d 0 0 (3~) 0 0
    a 0. 3~ 3

    Second Part (contd)

    g 0 2
    d 3 3~ 0 0
    a 3

    " . " means mute the 'a ' string at 0 right after u play it
    " ~ " means you slur (vibrato) that note one notch

    the song i believe is on the chord Dm-C-Bb

    Ideally your hand would be in the " C open " position to optimally play this tab

  2. apurvnarain

    apurvnarain New Member

    some screwup with the forum

    the page somehow isint showing my tabs right. i am attaching a softcopy (.txt) of my original file here


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  3. cooljeba

    cooljeba New Member

    thanks for this dude.. will try to play today..
  4. rohitdixit

    rohitdixit New Member

    Another version

    Hi, I tried to figure this piece out as well. Came up with a different answer.

    E5, E5-E3 (HO), E5, A3, A0, E3, E5
    A5, A5-A3(HO), D3, D0, A3, E3, E5

    I am a newbie, so not sure if mine is any better than yours. Just different.
  5. nitin2go

    nitin2go New Member

    doesnt make any sense
  6. rohitdixit

    rohitdixit New Member

    Hey Nitin,
    The 'key' to reading the post is - first letter is the string (Capital E is the lower E and e for higher); and the number is the fret on the string.

    So E5 is the 5th fret on the E string (the A note) and E3 is the 3rd fret on the E string (the G note) and so on.

    The HO is Hammer On. so E5 -E3(HO) is to pluck E5 and Hammer On to E3.
    Hope that makes sense.
  7. soreng

    soreng New Member

    gimme 1 day.......ill tab and give u the exact notation with leads, riffs and chords
  8. sachdevarachit

    sachdevarachit New Member

    Hey People..!!!

    Hi this is Rachit here. I have newly joined this cool community. Can anyone plz send me the guitar chords for the Lakshya - Title Song.

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