Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai (Recording)

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  1. seriousvivek

    seriousvivek New Member

    Hi is my first recording "Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai".
    First I recorded da chords using guitar FX soft. ... then I recorded my own voice n then I merged da 2 tracks using Nero Sound Trax.I am telling u guys beforehand that I am a very bad singer so plz don't blame me for my voice.As I've recorded da chords and my voice separately to they r not in this is my first recording so I was in a real hurry to post it...I'll try to fix da sync prob soon...Tack Care.

    Here is da link:
  2. seriousvivek

    seriousvivek New Member

    Ara bhai loog koi reply to kar doo....ara yaroon criticize hi kar dooo....
  3. smack

    smack New Member

    sorry to say..... doesnt work... dont wanna discourage u or anything .. i think change ur software... just use audacity or adobe audition or something n make things easier... it wasnt really in sync...
  4. kaylash

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    Kya Yaar!!!

    Dimagh mat chato. No!!! just joking. Good effort as i have not been able to post anything so fas as I do not know how to do it on sound click although I have many recordings of mine.
    Keep trying until you become perfect. Who says your voice is bad? Huh!!.


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