Kurai Ondrum Illai - MS Song - Tabs request please

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  1. swame_sp

    swame_sp New Member

    Few days ago, was listening to Kurai Ondrum Illai song played by Kadri Gopalnath, and it was like wow, fantastic. Then thought it would be nice to play this song on Guitar.

    Could you guys please post guitar tabs for this eternal song? I will appreciate any help offered on this. Thanks.

    Take care,

  2. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    This is a nice song to listen and enjoy. It is set in ragamalika - a mix of three carnatic ragam. The song start in sivaranjani ragam. I tried ony opening few lines. Will post the details soon - Sathya
  3. swame_sp

    swame_sp New Member

    Thanks sathya,

    Appreciate the help.

    There r so many threads on this forum, and how do you guys get tabs for all the requests??? That's so amazing. Is it by years of experience?

    By the way, my guitar learning so far has been in western notations.
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Putting tab for this song will be time consuming. I have done upto this bit and given up due to lack of time. If anyone has the tab please put the same.

    The raga can be seen in the following tabs: (Sivaranjani Raga)


    The song starts like this:

    Kurai Ondrum Illai Marai Moorthy Kanna


    Kurai Ondrum Illai Kannaa Kurai Ondrum Illai Govindaa


    Please enjoy and do comment------ Sathya
  5. swame_sp

    swame_sp New Member

    Thanks sathya for the tab, I can start with something for now. Appreciate ur efforts. Will get back with questions, please answer them when you get time.
  6. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    Hi Sathya,
    Thanks for the start.... If possible and time permits for you, can you please complete the tab for this song please...


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