Kuch keh lo kuch kar lo Intro : Mehbooba

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  1. chotaamotagroup

    chotaamotagroup New Member

    SCALE - Gm

    s r g m p d n represent sa re ga ma pa dha ni notes of MIDDLE OCTAVE while
    S R G M P D N represent SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI keys of high octave .
    n1 , R1 , G1 shows komal swars .

    S ( R1 as kann 4times ) ,

    S R1 G1 M , P M G1 , M G1 R1

    G1 R1 S , R1 S n1 , S d , n1 d p R1 S

    R1 S , R1 S , R1 S , R1 S
  2. sat_yam

    sat_yam New Member

    Better if you post it in Guitar form .
  3. chotaamotagroup

    chotaamotagroup New Member

    Bhaiyya I don't no how to right Guitar Tabs so I cann't help you .
    Can you please tell me that the scale of this song is correct or not .
  4. sat_yam

    sat_yam New Member

    I think the scale is correct .
  5. problem child

    problem child New Member

    Yes the scale is correct .
  6. Boomrang

    Boomrang New Member

    Good work Chota but try to tab music of some popular songs .

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