kuch is tarha tabs..

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  1. thunderbird496

    thunderbird496 New Member

    hi this is my first tab..plz chek this out..
    E: -12-10-9-7-97-55-4----
    (kuch is tarha teri palake)

    E: -45-7-77-57-9--
    (meri palkho se mila de)

    (aanso tere sare)

    E: -45-7-77-57-9--
    (meri palkho se mila de)

    (tu har ghadi har waqt)

    (mere sath raha hai)

    (haan yeh jism kabhi duuuur)

    (kabhi pass raha hai)

    *i couldnt find the line just after this...

    (mujh ko toh tere chehre pe)

    (yeh gum nahi jachjta)

    (jaaais nahi lagta)

    (mujhe gum se tera rishta)

    *i couldnt find "sun meri guzarish ise chehre se hata de.." this will b same as the line i missd above..
    if some1 finds it then plzz let me know..
    n plz comment on the rest of the song
  2. alaba

    alaba New Member

    the line u missed will be like..

    jo bhi gam hain ye tere unhe tu mera pata de....
    e- 12-12-13--12-8--10-10--8-10-101010-1012
    e- 12-12-13--12--8-1010--67-77-9-7-6-4

    after tht wapasKuch is tarah....

    gud work dude!!
    keep t up!
  3. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    gud work thunderbird :) very gud work soundz nice :)

    :) keep it up :)
  4. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    Dear Sir Viso plz check out these tabs and see where correction is required + missing tabs and intoduction of this song
  5. VisOrchestraGrp

    VisOrchestraGrp New Member

    Hello to all of you ,

    Well only if Thunderbird himself grant me permi'son then I will post anything
    about this tab.

  6. nghtydude88

    nghtydude88 New Member

    hi evrybdy...
  7. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    well plz thunderbird allown Viso sir to eidt kuch is terha tabs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    Hi naughtydude88 Welcome here :)

    KAPIL SINGHAL New Member

    hy plz clarify the tabs
    (mere sath raha hai)...

    wats that means?

    DRBILLA New Member

    yar I think here this should be like this
    mere sath raha hay.
    I may be wrong.
    Any ways greatttt work thunderbird :rock: . And one thing more that here we share our work not just for sharing but also for corrections and comments. So if any one has some thing to add or comment he should without especial permission. Am I right?
  11. VisOrchestraGrp

    VisOrchestraGrp New Member

    DRBILLA you are right , in general condition no permission is required but I

    have to change few thing posted by THUNDER BIRD ( even the scale of the

    song ) before adding INTRO , MUSIC etc. thats why permission is must .

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