Korg AX3000G guitar to sell.

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    Korg AX3000G guitar Processor to sale.

    Hi Everyone,
    This is Sourav.I want to sale my KORG AX 3000G guitar processor.The condition of this processor is good.U can chk it out...If anyone wants to buy this processor then contact me...Detail is given below:

    The KORG AX3000G Guitar Floor Modeler/Effects Pedal contains more than 72 effects, sounds, and models. and effects sounds. These include a vast selection of vintage and modern amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, and pickups; a huge array of standard effects such as chorus, delay, and reverb; plus some brand new effects such as Filtron. You can use the Acoustic effect to transform the sound of your electric guitar into that of an electro-acoustic, or Pickup Modeling to transform the tonal character of your pickups without switching guitars.

    The AX3000G also provides send/return jacks that make it easy for you to connect your favorite effect unit There's even a digital output (S/PDIF optical) jack so you can digitally record your playing.

    A built-in expression pedal can be used in the standard ways for volume and wah, but also can be assigned to other parameters to provide an additional layer of realtime control and unusual effects. For example, if you assign the Manual parameter of a flanger to the pedal, you can use the pedal to control the sweep, creating a highly distinctive sound. By assigning the Toneworks pedal to control the delay time of the Echo Plus effect (which models the sound of a tape echo), you can use the pedal to control delay time. The AX3000G pedal can control the reverberation time of a reverb effect, the modulation speed of a chorus, flanger, or phaser, and much more.

    The AX3000G also provides a dedicated control switch for effects, which is especially useful in live performance. For example, you can use it to switch an effect block (such as the pre-effect or insert effect) on and off, to set effect parameters such as tap tempo of a delay in real time, to switch the rotational speed of a rotary speaker effect, or to control the Expression Step Sequencer (ESS).

    The Expression Step Sequencer or ESS is an especially innovative feature. It automatically controls effects parameters in a fixed or random way. It allows 8-step control and a choice of 7 possible variation types: forward, backward, alternate 1/2, random, one-shot forward, alternate 1/2 one-shot. Sequencer playback can be slowed or sped up with the expression pedal, and the overall result is sounds with complex movement.

    Other features include a S/PDIF optical output, insert send/return, stereo aux input, and headphone output. A built-in auto chromatic tuner operates automatically when the Toneworks AX3000G is bypassed or muted. Simply by selecting Mute mode when you're on stage, you can tune without producing sound from your guitar amp. The note name is shown in the bank display, and the pedal indicator and name display provide an accurate pitch indication that is easy to see even on dimly lit stages.

    ToneWorks AX3000G Guitar Floor Modeler/Effects Pedal Features:

    Korg REMS m odeling technology
    11 amp models
    16 cab models
    11 pedal effects
    11 modulation effects
    11 delay effects
    11 reverb effects
    Noise reduction
    32 preset programs
    96 memory locations for user generated presets
    Insert send/return
    Aux input (stereo mini-jack)
    Dual audio outputs (1/4" jacks)
    Headphone output (stereo mini-jack)
    S/PDIF output (16-bit, 44.1kHz optical connector)
    20-bit A/D/A conversion
    44.1kHz sampling frequency
    MIDI in/out
    Built-in tuner
    Assignable expression pedal
    9V AC adapter included

    ToneWorks AX3000G Guitar Floor Modeler/Effects Pedal Specifications:

    Dimensions: 19-3/4"W x 2-4/5"H x 9-1/2"D
    Weight: 8 lbs.

    I used this processor just for 9 months and now I have decided to buy the GT10 processor so I want to sell this.....\m/

    PRICE: Just Rs: 12,500/-

    If any one interested then contact me

    Detail about me:

    Name: Sourav
    location: kolkata--700059(near Baguiati)

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