korbo lorbo jeetbo tabs and chords required

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  1. Nimit Daftary

    Nimit Daftary New Member

    can anyone pls post the tabs and chords of the song korbo lorbo jeetbo of too hot too cool [kolkata knight riders team song]???? its a nice song
  2. bhaskar@guitar

    bhaskar@guitar New Member

    Strumming pattern

    hey plzz post d Strumming pattern of Chalte Chalte by Jal Band???
  3. Nimit Daftary

    Nimit Daftary New Member

    still no replys and mr bhaskar pls have some manners
  4. ChristianoManu

    ChristianoManu New Member

    Hello,Its my first post on this forum. I've tried tabbing the start of the song for you,I'm still working on the solo,but yes,here you go...
    B |---------------------------------
    G |---------------------------------
    D |---------7---7-9-----------------
    A |--7-7h10--10----10-5h7h10-5-7-- X 2
    e |--------------------------------7

    B |------------------------------
    G |------------------------------
    D |-------------------------------
    A |-------7--------------10-7---7-
    e |--7h10--10-7-10-7-10------10-

    B |--------------------------------
    G |---------------------------------
    D |----------------------------------
    A |------7--------------------------
    e |-7-10---10-7-10h9h10-5s7(7)(7)---
    Well thats about it,Its pretty simple from there on,except for that solo that comes about in the 2nd minute of the song,I couldn't figure that out yet.I'm working on it.
    Cheers,Comment on it please :)
  5. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    its a cool songs im looking for tabs too
    Any one know them pls post

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