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  1. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member

    Need chord for Amali Thumali frm KO...
    Nt badly so take ur time...
    I'm requesting it b'cuz I like d song n would like 2 play it n who noes if sum1 need it...
    N I'm nt gud in fidin chord maself (Still junior :p)

    OWh ya! plus wit d tab 2....
    PEace out dudeZ!!!!
  2. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Amali Thumali (C minor 4/4)

    Prelude: |Cm9|F7sus4|Cm9|G7|

    |Cm| Fm G | x4

    |Cm| Fm G | x4
    Amali thumali..

    |Cm|Fm G |
    Roja poovum.. x3

    |Cm Bb| Fm Gm7| Cm|Cm |
    Yenthan nenjodu nenjodu..

    |Cm |Fm G|x4
    /*Guitar and female voice*/

    |Cm Cm9| Fm Cm9 | Cm Cm9| Fm G |
    Vaa ena sollavum thayakam.. x2

    Key kuva kuva... x2

    Hey mudhal malai.. x2

    <repeat amali thumali>

    Few bars rest And when the voice comes |Cm | Bb| Cm | Fm |x2

    <repeat stanza>

    <repeat amali thumali>

    <repeat yenthan nenjodu>

    Come on Mikey.. It doesn't matter you want it badly ar not.. I'll surely post it cha.. :)
  3. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Amali thumali ( C minor 4/4 )

    Cm9 and F7sus4... :-/

    Its quite tricky to play those on guitar.. I've admitt I've took those chords on Keyboard.. F7sus4 is comparitively easier to play if you could Barr the fret..The position is..

    FM7 1 1 1 3 1 1

    So easily played if you could barr the first fret.. ;-)

    Cm9 can be played like this..

    Cm9 x x 0 5 4 3

    Happy guitaring IGITIANS...
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  4. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    It should be Gm instead of G.
  5. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member


    Nice 1 dude...
    Tanx luv da chordz...
    Tanx mike...

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