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    STRINGS unleashed

    Official Website :

    Email :

    All Songs Composed By : Bilal Maqsood

    Lyrics :
    Anwer Maqsood
    Zehra Nigam

    Guitars :
    Shallum Xaviar
    Shuja Haider
    Bilal Maqsood ( on tv )

    Keyboards and Drum Sequence :
    Shuja Haider

    Backing Vocals :
    Bilal, Faisal Kapadia ( on tv ) , Shuja, Vicky & Russel

    Violin :
    Suresh Lalwani
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    hey so is this a new part in IGT know ur band. cool. i wanted to ask doesnt bilal maqsood play the guitar in all the songs or does he only show he playz the guitar.
  3. Taifi

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    well then i've got a Know ur band-jal
  4. Taifi

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    The band is:
    Goher Mumtaz-Composer,Song writer, Lead Guitarist & Vocalist
    Farhan Butt- Lead Vocalist
    AAmir (Shazi)- Bass Guitarist

    Album Credits:
    -All songs composed and arranged by Goher except 'Manchala' and 'Har jaga hai jal' by Farhan & Goher
    -All vocals by Farhan except 'Panchi' and 'Dil haarey' by Goher and 'Lamhey' by Goher and Farhan
    -Lead and Rhythm Guitars by Goher except 'Aadat' by Goher and Salman
    -Bass guitar by Shazi except Aadat by Meekal Hasan
    -Drums by Salman Albert except 'Manchala' and ' Bikhra hoon main' by Waqar a.khan and 'Dil Haarey' by Farhad Humayun
    -Flute by Ahsan(Pappu)
    -Keyboard arranged by Xulfi

    Produced at Xth Harmonic

    Hope u liked it!
  5. shantanukr

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    Hi Taifi, Thanks for giving my " Know Ur band " a new section. Well, as per Bilal MAqsood is concerned, he really plays guitar in most of the music as i have the info.
  6. DrSaurabh

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    u forgot adil....hes the guy who does all the leads....bilal is average....
    he aint GOOD....adil is pretty good

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