Knockin on heaven's door cover (Youtube)

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  1. dareprasad

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  2. azmanian_devil

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    I guess no one else really commented on the video, so i'll do the dirty work.

    First of all, big ups to your bass player. He is holding down the fort there and he's got a nice feel for the whole song. Good bassists are hard to find so hang on to him :p

    Unfortunately the drums were non-existent here, the drummer is either too shy or just too soft, but either ways the drums need to be more aggressive. When I was in Delhi, we had a similar issue and that leads to the whole song losing a big part of its punch.

    The guitarist is pretty good, he has good technique but somewhere in a little show boating, he lost a little of the feel of the solo but I guess he recovered well enough to impress.

    The singer though has sung the song with the same feeling overall. Knocking on Heaven's Door can get quite monotonous because of the song itself so he needs to change it up a bit.

    Overall, It was a pretty good performance and I hope you all keep it up.

    keep the faith

  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i second......

    and please the next time record with a handy cam or something.......cant rally make out anything through this vid.......

  4. Keoraf

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    Nice performance man, i really enjoyed your clip and i think you people did a very good job! My compliments!
    Hope to hear and to see more from you guys, take care!
  5. parry

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    Great going. Keep it up. Wel Dint u had enough time to record the video on a gud handycam. Otherwise its great.
  6. dareprasad

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    Thanks everyone.. We perform every monday in our office.. Its called 'TGIM'
    (Thank God its monday ).. :) Handycams and cameras are banned in campus.. So cant help :(

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