kitty cat sound from the guitar

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    kitty cat sound from the guitar with sound file(attached

    hi all, last week in our store room there comes few kittens, they disturbed my dogs alot because dogs hate cats, now after getting rid of these kittens, i disturbed my dog by producing this cat sound from my electric guitar yamaha pacifica, i m attaching the sample file, u can also produce it by just sliding the D string at the 15th fret (sliding the string round) this kind of effects r mostly used by steve, e.g. listen the instrumental glorious from his latest album real illusions, ok one more thing while sliding round the string press the whammy bar slightly down ward and enjoy. try this if u can do this, specially my friend orange daisy.

    the sound file link is

    check out guys
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    dude u forgot to attach:p:

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