King Kong in Kerala > India?

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    Peter Jackson's King Kong is set on a mysterious, uncharted island. He might as well have shot it in Kerala.

    Or so it would seem, if — and that's literally a big if — claims by a team of amateur anthropologists are proved true.

    The team claims to have discovered footprints of a "giant-man" who had a shoe size of 29 inches, lived in a shelter 50 metres high and weighed well over 400 kg.

    Going by the footprint size, the creature may have been as tall as 17 feet, which would make it easily the "largest human form to roam the earth".
  2. Bleeding Guitar

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    wow .. that would be super cool dude...
    i wonder if he playz guitar .... :think:
  3. guns_n_gore

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    ^^^ stupid question
    the real thing does he speak malyalam

    the king kong's country

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