Kill Me Slowly, My Love...!

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  1. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    The night has gone down and has covered me under its dark blanket.
    Hidden in this secret place, inside of me, one more trip away from the world.
    Around me dance, as small shadows, the words of a poetry. A new poetry that still I don't know and that, probably I will never know completely. I don't care , because what counts, in this moment, is that I am here, among images that are materialized through silent words born from the depth of my soul and that, slowly go down toward my fingertips to compose something through the keyboard of my computer.
    The thoughts that pursue each other in my mind, hold me awake in this warm and dark night that is unable to cradle me among its arms.
    Pages and pages of white paper are skimmed through and confused out by an arrogant wind that comes from I don’t know where… I wander, a shadow in the shadows, in search of a story, in search of a feeling entrapped in a drop of ink that has not been used yet.
    Thousand and thousand words knock desperately at my thoughts to come out, small lives that have the same taste of the salt that fills the sea… on their skin distant rustles of instants, of perfumes, of voices… of yours.
    Once more you are here to breathe on my face… and the desire is so much that the air is removed from me…I listen to your words blown to the wind of my breath and I allow that they penetrate in that my secret place from where I won't let them run away anymore .They are imprisoned for ever in me, they will stay as the remembrance of your passage inside me. and I will jealously preserve them...for eternity. I will listen to them, in my solitary nights, among the notes of a lost song in a moment to you distant by now.
    Time is no more the one beaten by sharp hands but the rhythm of our pulsations that deafen the darkness, blind and gone crazy, against this wall scratched by the fingernails of ancient forever forgotten tears.
    I inhale every second of this gift that needs only a small space for not binding a love that, in chains, would die….. then I will leave you to go knowing that the world will arrest itself in that instant, and I will start weeping over even more loudly when your footsteps will be far away from me.
    I know that I won't dare to tell you my thoughts and, perhaps, you will be alone to speak… before the painful quietness of a new absence will come to shake the shadows that still stir around me.

    My Love, kill me slowly
    with the sword soaked
    of my same love.

    Allow the silence also
    to lower itself
    in this secret place of mine...

    That long silence !

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  2. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    and he returns..... :)

    its an awesome poem Amanush
    your being yourself The Ace ;)
    and i'm dazzled by your usual..:)

    favorite part
    "Time is no more the one beaten by sharp hands
    but the rhythm of our pulsations that deafen the darkness, blind and gone crazy,
    against this wall scratched by the fingernails of ancient forever forgotten tears"

    GoD BleSs
  3. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    Simply beautiful...

    i'm in awe of u.......
  4. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    Dear Martina...!

    Keissi hein aap ? Thanks for still remembering me and also for appreciating this

    Take good care of yourself...ok ?


  5. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    Thanks for reading and appreciating...Angel !

    Take care and keep coming


  6. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    WOW :nw:

    Dude thats purrrretty darn good! This is your first peice that ive read and after this i aint shy to say im gnna be searching thru threads to find more!!

    Very busy...and very visualistic. I like that approach. You take us there with your words. When you read it, you can almost sense that mental calamity! Great job!

  7. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    Thanks for your praise...Petunia ! ( nice name )

    Keep coming and take care of yourself... ok ?


  8. tumhare_divya

    tumhare_divya luvs 2 luv...lives 2 luv

    excellent poem Amanush ji...i am an emotional mess as is..always writing emotional when I read this...its touchiness is overwhelming dude...(watery eyes...sniffly nose...) gimme a kerchief now!!! are too good....!!!
  9. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    Divya ji...! Hamare lekh ne aap ke dil ke taar ko chou gaya...jaan kar khoushi houi ! Khed bas iss baat ka hai ki aap ki ankhon se ansoo tapak pade...:(

    Pasand karne ke liye bahout dhanyavaad...!


  10. #iR@


    AWSOME man!!!!! u ROCK!!!!!!!!! :rock:
  11. write2madhur

    write2madhur dowdiegeekgizmofreak

    great work

    i loved the poem u r good man

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