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  1. vyjayanth

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    Can anyone please send/post kal ho na ho piano notes,plzzzzzzzzz

    I really really need them

  2. Yoosh

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    hey- i don't know if these are right but i was just playing by ear and it sounds ok so.....

    CBCBCBCDCBAGAGA (har ghari badal rahi hai.....tune)
    CBCBCBCDCBAGAGA (chau hai kabhi kabhi hai...tune)
    ABCB GABA (har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo tune)
    ABCB AG ACBB (jo hai yahaan kal ho na ho tune)

    Hope its ok- thats about all i've figured but it repeats anyway. If you find anything wrong or something better please let me know
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    Nice to let us know.

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