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  1. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    can some one give me the kyun ho gaya na songs, specially that Aao Na Aao na. plz dont copy the part which is always here in the library, if some1 got a fresh copy of it, then just paste it.
    and one more song of the same movie, Piyar Main Soo Uljhanain hian
    that songs reallu rocks.
    i'll wait for my helper :D
  2. gautam_njoy

    gautam_njoy New Member

    hey the song tabs for aao na is there on this site... juz search for it na... incase u dont get it juz lemme knw.. i wil post it again...
  3. davinash

    davinash New Member

    KHGN songs??

    where do i search for kyon ho gaya na songs??
    cant find it.
  4. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    Hala Luee Yaa!!! dear u have guided for the Aao na song, but u havent told abt the other required song.

    Piar Main Soo Uljhanain hain, piyar mat kerna,.

    plz i urgently need this song, if any 1 get the tabs then just post it
  5. crystaldrop

    crystaldrop New Member

    He people Wat abt Mein hoon? Someone has the chords?
  6. vikast

    vikast New Member

    Aao Na Chords

    I know this is quite late but just fgured them out and am excited, so here goes:

    Initial Alaap:

    E - C#m - A - Bsus4/B

    Gunji Si Hain:

    E - C#m - A - Bsus4/B X 2

    Sab Gaate Hain:
    F#m - G#m - F#m - Bsus4/B

    Saaze Dil:
    C#m - C#m7(or a C#m/B) - F# - Bsus4/B X2


    C#m - A - F#m - E X2

    C#m - G#m (This has to be strummed in a slightly reggae time) X2

    Sab gaate hain...
    F#m - G#m - F#m - Bsus4/B

    Saaze Dil:
    C#m - C#m7 (or a C#m/B) - F# - Bsus4/B

    Corrections welcome. Injoy!

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