khamaj or ankho ke sagar(fuzon)

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  1. chatur

    chatur New Member

    i need some easy strumming and cords for these song, khamaj tou i managed by lowering the scale of the song, but i'm not able to decode ankho ke sagar. i have to give a stage show n i'm plannin to do this song...... plz send me some easier tab for these songs......
  2. fastianumair

    fastianumair New Member

    Here is just the pattern that is used with "sawan beeto jaaye eharva(i don't know exact word)". i never found the correct pattern but i tried myself and played so:

    hold F#Maj Bar-1
    and pluck the strings(mentioning numbers from top to bottom)


    hold bsus Bar-3 i.e. (224422)
    and pluc the strings like


    move your two fingers to make (223322)
    and pluck like


    hold bsus Bar-3 i.e. (224422) (Repeating the 2nd step :)
    and pluc the strings like


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